Corbyn’s Re-Election – is there a new home for liberals in Labour?

Today, Jeremy Corbyn has been re-elected as Leader of the Labour Party, with an increased share of the Labour membership vote. This has been a long and divisive campaign for the Labour Party – I have friends in Labour in both leadership camps and they’ve all found the process uncomfortable, bitter, accusatory and at times… Continue reading Corbyn’s Re-Election – is there a new home for liberals in Labour?

Don’t Be A Leaver’s Mug

The EU Referendum is only a week away. I’ve been pounding the pavement as part of the Lib Dems’ Team #INtogether, and with the non-party-affiliated Britain Stronger in Europe campaign, to get the message across: we have more power, more influence, a better economy, a better environment, a safer world and more jobs if we… Continue reading Don’t Be A Leaver’s Mug

Breaking With The Past

If you haven’t seen Tim Farron’s first Lib Dem leadership speech, you should. It’s good in general, but I want to concentrate on something said in the first ten minutes. He came to praise his predecessor Nick Clegg, not to bury him. He explicitly said that he was proud of Nick’s achievements in Government, proud… Continue reading Breaking With The Past

Safer, Warmer Homes for Gorton’s Renters

Two recent measures announced by Liberal Democrat Ministers in Government are great news for the many private renters (including myself!) in Gorton, Levenshulme, Fallowfield, Longsight, Rusholme and Whalley Range. Firstly, thanks to Lib Dem Communities Minister, Stephen Williams, revenge eviction will soon be made illegal. A lot of private rental houses and flats in the… Continue reading Safer, Warmer Homes for Gorton’s Renters

It’s Time to Talk about mental health

Today is Time to Talk Day. I’m glad that in recent¬† years, it seems that we’re more able to talk about mental health, accept it as a real problem that people struggle with, and as a whole we’re getting less judgemental about it. I’ve personally suffered with anxiety and depression. I resisted taking medication for… Continue reading It’s Time to Talk about mental health

UMSU Welcome Fair

I’ve spent the last couple of afternoons at the Welcome Fair laid on by the University of Manchester Students’ Union, on a stall with Liberal Youth. It’s been a good and positive experience – lots of people interested in the campaigns we were running on the environment and International Development, keen to hear about what… Continue reading UMSU Welcome Fair

20mph Limits Across Fallowfield

The local Liberal Democrats have campaigned for 20mph speed limits in residential areas across Manchester for some time, so it’s great to hear that they may finally be implemented in Fallowfield. As a motorist, cyclist and pedestrian, I get to see the roads from multiple perspectives, and I’m aware that a 20mph zone can make… Continue reading 20mph Limits Across Fallowfield