Dave Page for Manchester Gorton

Telling the 2017 Rusholme By-Election

I’m running to be selected as the Lib Dem parliamentary candidate for Manchester Gorton at the next General Election. This is an archive of my campaign so far.

Selection Announcement

Members in the local party received a copy of my CV and my manifesto along with the calling notice for the AGM and the selection.

First Members’ Mailing

I’d like to be your Parliamentary candidate for Manchester Gorton, and work with you to make Gorton a more liberal place. Can you help me?

Like you, I joined the Liberal Democrats to make a difference in the world. I joined to protest Labour’s National Identity Cards, and the super-database behind them that would massively increase state power and bureaucracy over our daily lives. I marched against the Iraq war, and later helped the Liberal Democrats to introduce the policies which led to same-sex marriage. I got involved because the Lib Dems had a strong, liberal vision, and I wanted to be a part of bringing that about.

These days, it feels harder to make a liberal difference. We see the rise of nationalism, racism and even fascism on the global stage. Brexit has divided the country, even as it’s united the Tory and Labour parties in an unprecedented act of national self-harm. And here in Gorton, where we’ve held political power in the past, we currently have no mandate to make a liberal difference. I want us to change that.

I’ve fought a lot of campaigns over the years – from helping win Northenden by 8 votes, to the Richmond Park by-election, to standing up for the party at Gorton’s General Election hustings in 2015. The ones which have been most successful, the most satisfying and the most fun were the ones where we had a team. Where people could use their talents and develop new ones for a common goal. And that’s what we need to do together now.

We have dedicated activists who’ve been flying the flag for the party for years, but we need more people, more fresh ideas, and a positive campaign built around a shared vision for Manchester Gorton. I know my priorities – to tackle the blight of homelessness and improve mental health facilities, to stop Brexit in Parliament and put fairer votes back on the agenda, and to bring back power from Westminster to Manchester – but I want to know yours.

Nobody thinks this is going to be easy; the by-election boost we got from volunteers across the UK dissipated during the General Election, so we need to reach out, get more local people involved, and work together as a bigger team. You should have received by post my manifesto and my CV already, and I hope to see you at the hustings after the AGM on Thursday 22nd November.

Please let me know your priorities for Manchester Gorton, and how we can work together! If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a line by email on dave@davepage.me.uk or 07762 840 414. You can also find me on Twitter and Facebook, though due to the selection rules I won’t be mentioning this contest until after the 22nd November.

Second Members’ Mailing

Take a step towards a Liberal Gorton with Dave Page

One of the first steps I took towards making my community a more liberal place was joining the Liberal Democrats, obviously. I took the next step when my then-MP, Evan Harris, knocked on my door and asked if I’d be able to deliver some leaflets around my neighbourhood.

Since then I’ve taken many steps: fighting for Liberal Democrat candidates at all levels in Manchester; standing as a candidate myself; being part of the local Executive that keeps things running; voting on policies at Conference; helping the national LGBT+ organisation develop the policy that led to us delivering same-sex marriage in Government.

Some of you took a step after my last email, responding to my members’ survey. One commented that it was the first time in his two-year membership that somebody had asked him what he wanted to do. Another had a cracking idea about developing a park-and-ride where the A57 meets the M60, to cut commuter traffic into Gorton and the city centre, which I’ll try to develop further with Lib Dem colleagues involved in Transport for Greater Manchester.

Every step I’ve taken in this party, I’ve been part of a team. When we’ve won, it’s been a large, diverse and inclusive team. No candidate, no matter how experienced, can win a Parliamentary election with only a handful of die-hard members. We need to make being involved in the local party easier and more rewarding, so everyone can take a step towards making Gorton more liberal, and have a say in what that looks like.

Please take one step with me – come to the selection meeting from 7:30pm on Thursday 22nd November at the Oldham Street Methodist Central Buildings (opposite Affleck’s Arcade) and vote for Dave Page to be your parliamentary candidate for Manchester Gorton.

I hope to see you there.


PS: You can get a reminder of my policy platform and previous emails at https://davepage.me.uk/gorton