My Letter to Boris Johnson over proposed Bathroom Bills

Recently, it’s been “leaked” to the press that the Government will abandon its planned reforms to the Gender Recognition Act. These reforms were aimed at making it easier for trans people to obtain a Gender Recognition Certificate. Currently this is a lengthy and expensive process which requires people to wait for many years to get… Continue reading My Letter to Boris Johnson over proposed Bathroom Bills

Writing about Coronavirus

I realise I haven’t posted to this blog for a little while. Obviously there’s a lot to say about what’s happened in the Liberal Democrats in the General Election, with Brexit and with Coronavirus, but for now I’ll link to things I’ve written elsewhere on the latter subject. As Chair of LGBT+ Liberal Democrats, I… Continue reading Writing about Coronavirus

The Labour Split – Time for British Proportional Representation

Today’s big political news is that seven MPs have resigned the Labour whip and party membership, and are standing together as “The Independent Group”. It’s too early to say what this might mean in the long term. However there’s been lots of talk about “splitting the vote” and whether standing for re-election will help or… Continue reading The Labour Split – Time for British Proportional Representation

Expanding Heathrow… to Manchester?

A few weeks ago, the Government approved the building of a third runway at Heathrow Airport in London, with support from the Labour and Conservative Parties. This has been a controversial plan ever since it was first suggested in 2006 – increased air traffic will lead to more air and noise pollution, and the disruption… Continue reading Expanding Heathrow… to Manchester?

Don’t Be A Leaver’s Mug

The EU Referendum is only a week away. I’ve been pounding the pavement as part of the Lib Dems’ Team #INtogether, and with the non-party-affiliated Britain Stronger in Europe campaign, to get the message across: we have more power, more influence, a better economy, a better environment, a safer world and more jobs if we… Continue reading Don’t Be A Leaver’s Mug