About Dave

Dave came to Manchester in 1997 to study at UMIST, and has loved the city ever since. He left after graduation in 2000 for a job in Oxford, but moved back in 2005. He’s worked as a systems administrator and programmer (mostly in Perl) for most of his career, although he recently spent three years as a technical specialist for a top-tier international cyber-security consultancy.

Dave joined the Lib Dems in the early 2000s when he got fed up of complaining about stuff and decided to do something about it. Part of it was Labour’s National Identity Database scheme, initially supported by the Tories; Dave joined No2ID and later became co-ordinator of the Manchester group, then the North-West region. This involved working with people from across the political spectrum, engaging the public with events and street stalls, and work on local and national TV, newspapers and radio.

Dave has been involved with LGBT+ Lib Dems since 2007 and chaired the organisation in 2015, helping to develop policy, campaign on issues such as same-sex marriage. He make sure the voices of the LGBT+ communities are heard by the Liberal Democrats, and not drowned out by the the well-funded groups that only represent a small section of those communities.

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