20mph Limits Across Fallowfield

20 plentyThe local Liberal Democrats have campaigned for 20mph speed limits in residential areas across Manchester for some time, so it’s great to hear that they may finally be implemented in Fallowfield.

As a motorist, cyclist and pedestrian, I get to see the roads from multiple perspectives, and I’m aware that a 20mph zone can make a big difference to traffic speeds and make the roads safer for all. However, it remains to be seen how well these zones will be enforced; it’s a question for Labour’s Police & Crime Commissioner how seriously he intends to take road safety.

In any case, I am very glad that the Council has finally gotten around to acting on this Lib Dem campaign.

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  1. I’m all in favour of the 20mph limit zone. I live on Chatham Road in Gorton where there is one, however, every morning between 8 and 9, all the car drivers on their commute to work from Reddish and beyond speed down all the side roads, Athol, Goulder etc to avoid sitting in traffic on Reddish Lane. All this at the same time as schoolchildren are on their way to school, the very people this scheme is meant to protect.

    Could do with cameras or someone to take the reg number of these inconsiderate people, many of whom I imagine are parents themselves.

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